4 Creatine Mistakes to Avoid Making [Infographic]

What this article is all about: we talk about 4 common mistakes that you need to avoid making when supplementing with creatine.

Creatine is a good supplement to take. It ensures that your energetic system for high intensity training is properly loaded. This is a great help whether you are a natural lifter, proudly enhanced or a fake natty.  Creatine is one of the few supplement ingredients which is endorsed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for its effects on high-intensity exercise performance. It will be a pity if one doesn’t use it correctly and perceive the full benefits. We touch on 4 common mistakes that people make when supplementing with Creatine. These mistakes are among the reasons why people complain about Creatine.

Mistake #1: Wasting cash on expensive forms

With it comes to a creatine form that gives you the best bang for your buck then opt for a pure monohydrate form.

We’ve pitched monohydrate against all other fancy forms in this article.

Simply put, using monohydrate properly (following tips 2-4 below) will save you bucks. Who doesn’t need to save bucks these days?

You will have more cash cash to spend on other nutrients that go well on a creatine program (e.g. protein).

Stop wasting cash on expensive forms of creatine that don't work better than monohydrate
Stop wasting cash on expensive forms of creatine that don’t work better than monohydrate

Mistake #2: Using too much

The recommended serving size of creatine is so tiny. Therefore, you may be tempted to help yourself to an extra amount or take an extra serving a day.

That’s the root of the problem!

You don’t need anything more than 3-5g per day. Using too much either in a single drink (e.g. 10g) may lead to undissolved creatine that can cause digestive issues.

Likewise, taking several servings throughout the day especially if you are new to creatine can give problems.

It doesn’t mean that creatine is dangerous. Too much of a good thing at once isn’t a good thing.  Just like eating a whole tub of ice cream can can bloat you like hell. But we don’t hear anyone coining the term “ice cream bloat”. So, why “Creatine bloat”? Bots! | stephenpalmersf

Suppsguru.com Stick to serving size recommendations
Stick to serving size recommendations (this includes preworkouts too!)

Mistake #3: Not letting it dissolve

Creatine doesn’t dissolve easily. This is especially true if:

  • You are using ice-cold water
  • If you are mixing other things together (e.g. other aminos like glutamine)
  • If you are dissolving Creatine in juice or
  • You are simply using too much powder and too little water.  

Undissolved creatine has the potential to upset your stomach. I am talking about those who are susceptible to this kind of problem. Most of those who have come to me with creatine complaints have successfully implemented my simple tip below.

They never complained again. 

Do this:

  • Dissolve your 3-5g creatine in about 250ml (1 glass) of lukewarm water. Microvawe the water for a few seconds and add your creatine. Give it a nice stir and you’ll get a clear liquid. No cloudy water or “sand” sitting at the bottom.


  • There is no need to bring creatine to work or to the gym for post-workout or anything. Just mix your creatine whenever you are home and have access to some lukewarm water.
Dissolving your creatine in lukewarm water will give you a clear liquid.
Dissolving your creatine in lukewarm water will give you a clear liquid.

Mistake #4: Mixing Creatine with your protein shake

Protein and whey are a great combo but adding creatine to your protein shake isn’t a good idea. It will be difficult for the creatine to dissolve.

That’s one of the reasons why mass/ bulk gainer powders (that almost always include creatine) often give digestive issues.

Do this:

Drink your creatine separately from your protein shake. There may be a benefit in taking protein and creatine at the same time to boost creatine absorption (evidence not conclusive). In this case you can mix your creatine as recommended in #3 above and then use this “creatine water” to mix your shake. 

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