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My name is Veeraj Goyaram. I am a full-time supplements guy. I was born and raised in Mauritius and reside with my wife and 3 kids in South Africa.

I make my bucks by creating cutting-edge nutritional supplements in the lab. I use my knowledge of how dietary ingredients help the human body to create products that everyone can enjoy. I have created more than 100 products from idea to finished products.


I’ve done my postgraduate degree research in the biochemistry laboratory at the University of Cape Town/ Sports Science Institute. We’ve always been told that “we are what we eat”, right? Well, I got first-hand experience in this as I looked at how certain foods and exercise influence how our genes work.

Nutrients | Special Issue : Nutrient: Gene Interactions

I got the chance to share my findings with both my fellow scientists in Journals like the American Journal of Physiology and medical books, as well as the general public via blogs like Bodybuilding Mauritius.

the “supplement cia”

When I was a postgrad student I also worked in merchandising and sales promotions for supplements for many years on a near-daily basis in shops like Dischem, Clicks, Wellness Warehouse, Pick N Pay, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Wynberg Pharmacy.

I did it to earn money to pay for my studies, for the free samples and the discounted supplements. But most importantly to get in-the-trenches experience in the world of nutritional supplements. My scientific training to become a product developer would not have been complete if I just sat in the lab and made up things. I needed real-life experience to provide meaningful solutions to the end-user by actually speaking to them and listing to what they wanted.

I read labels, took note of all brands, dissected their formulations, took note of market trends, consumers’ needs and pain points. The excitement was too strong to mind the calluses that developed under my feet from standing long hours.

That’s what gives me the edge over scientists and business guys: I am from both worlds.


I was a decent junior freestyle wrestler and in an attempt to improve my physical performance (which simply meant losing some fat and adding muscle) I turned to the gym (Solo Barbell Gym in Roche-Bois, Mauritius) at the age of 14.

Soon, in 1997, I began concocting my own supplements using milk powders, casilan 90 casein, and ready-made meal replacements like Complan and even baby milk formulas. I went to the dispensary for multivitamin and B-complex tablets, crushed them to make some really potent stuff.

I worked out the nutrition, packaged them and sold them to my friends who were curious about what I was drinking. I was financially self-sufficient since the age of 14 and paid for high school, undergrad and postgrad, all with supplements money.

I found my calling.