NutriWhey 800I

NutriWhey® 800I

Medical-grade Instant Whey Protein concentrate with exceptional purity and bloat-free digestibility.  

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NutriWhey 800I is for those seeking a step-up from regular whey proteins. A lot of people complain about whey concentrates in general but the problems originate from the use of the poor grade whey proteins (sadly, rife on the SA market) along with the addition of lactose-rich adulterants like whey powder, milk powder. We bring you the pure raw material, just repacked. 

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NutriWhey 800I is made by DMV Nutritionals/ Frisland Campina (Netherlands)

NutriWhey 800I can be used by everyone: my entire family is on it (my toddler, pre-teens, my parents, in-laws, wife and myself using quantities adapted for us).

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How to Use

NutriWhey®Mixing: Add 2 scoops (30g) of powder to drinks and foods. Mixes easily without lumps.

Consume 2 servings a day or as recommended by your nutritional advisor/ healthcare professional.

For any advice on how to use NutriWhey 800, chat to me!


Appearance: off-white ultra fine powder.

Taste: slightly milky. Doesn’t taste bad at all in cold water and a bit of sweetener.

Compatibility: all beverages (water, shakes, smoothies, hot and cold but not boiling beverages). Can be stirred effortlessly into foods (porridge, yogurt, oats, etc.).

Storage/ stability: at room temperature, away from heat, moisture or direct sunlight. Powder is very stable and does not absorb moisture.

NutriWhey 800I Education

Below are resources about NutriWhey 800I. We will be uploading articles and usage guides. These will help you better understand your supplement and get the best results.

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